October 20, 2021

Easy Spiced Chocolate Pumpkin Cake

Indulge in Fall Flavors with the Easy Spiced Chocolate Pumpkin Cake Recipes Imagine a cozy day inside with the smell of pumpkin, chocolate, and spices in the air. This scenario can easily be yours with our spiced chocolate pumpkin cake recipe. Nothing is sweeter than a slice of chocolate cake, so why not add the… Read More

August 18, 2021

Summer Watermelon, Mint and Feta Salad

Refreshingly Delicious: Summer Watermelon, Mint, and Feta Salad Recipe One of the easiest potted herbs to grow inside near a window or outside on the patio is mint. Not only is it so easy to grow but sometimes the plant produces more than you can eat! A light, summertime salad of fresh watermelon, your mint… Read More

July 7, 2021

Summertime Appetizer: Traditional Bruschetta in 20 Minutes

Quick and Easy Summertime Appetizer: Traditional Bruschetta in Just 20 Minutes We typically think of bruschetta as the delicious tomato topping on toasted baguette, but the Italian term refers to the grilled bread itself, rubbed with garlic and olive oil. Originating during Ancient Rome, olive growers would taste test their freshly pressed olive oil with… Read More

June 16, 2021

Getting Nutty: Breaking Down 10 Nuts and Ways to Eat Them

The great thing about nuts is they are easy, healthy and taste great. Known for being high in fat, they also have a lot of health benefits and can be included in many meals. Nuts are full of protein, antioxidants, fiber and help lower cholesterol. In a recent study, researchers found eating more than 10… Read More

May 4, 2021

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Pico de Gallo

Spice Up Your Cinco de Mayo Celebration with Fresh Pico de Gallo Recipe Pico de gallo is a quick and easy version of salsa that goes great with a number of dishes and appetizers. Also known as salsa bandera (flag sauce) because it has the same colors of the Mexican flag, this is a fitting… Read More

March 22, 2021

Three Healthy and Easy Recipes for Spring

Three Healthy and Easy Recipes for Spring: Fresh and Delicious for the Season Whether you’re making dinner for two or just for you, spring into an easy, healthy night rich in omega-3 fatty acids, anti-inflammatory compounds and a whole lot of vitamin C. Minty Citrus Water Ingredients Instructions Healthy Tip: The vitamin C found in… Read More