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Live-In Managers with a Heart for Seniors

Live-in managers are an integral part of many Hawthorn Senior Living communities. Listen to the testimonial of Hawthorn managers as they share how it feels to serve seniors while living among them as friends and neighbors. With a passion for service, management couples describe what it’s like working together to give back and change lives. Our managers find they grow as a couple and create lasting friendships while recruiting and mentoring a staff of hospitality-minded employees and providing a gracious retirement experience to our residents.

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Culinary Jobs

View testimonials from the actual kitchen team members who speak from the heart about their work-life balance at Hawthorn Senior Living communities. Our chefs have varied backgrounds. Some have grown into their roles after mentorship as a cook. Some went to culinary school. They all have developed a passion for serving seniors. With predictable schedules and set kitchen hours, we offer a better quality of life. Choose a kitchen where you’ll grow a team, enhance your skills, participate in beautiful culinary experiences and events, and change the lives of hundreds of seniors.

Join Our Team

We look for compassionate individuals ready to offer hospitality and happiness to residents of Hawthorn communities.

At Hawthorn Senior Living, we care about people and because our residents deserve the best, we are looking for employees who understand caring and compassionate customer service. Working in our retirement communities, you will have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our seniors every day. We offer competitive compensation, benefits, and a great work environment.

In our independent living communities, Hawthorn residents enjoy leadership in the form of Manager and Assistant Manager teams or an individual General Manager and Assistant General Manager. With both styles, the management team also includes an Executive Chef and a Sales Leader. Management teams work together to guide the daily operations of the community, grow occupancy, and exceed resident expectations. A Management Team working for Hawthorn lives on-site, while General Managers and Assistant Managers do not. Management opportunities in our assisted living communities generally consist of the Administrator, Assistant Administrator, a Sales Leader, Director of Health Services, Resident Services Coordinator, and Executive Chef. Management employees in our communities are responsible for achieving and maintaining Hawthorn’s three main goals: 100% resident satisfaction, 100% occupancy, and 100% on-budget. If you are interested in management opportunities, please send your resume directly to Hawthorn Senior Living at: hawthorn.hiring@hawthornret.com.

As a leader in the senior housing industry, Hawthorn Senior Living is looking for SALES people that are experts at building personal relationships with potential residents and their families. Our sales people are responsible for obtaining maximum occupancy levels at all times, following up with current leads, and developing new resources for obtaining leads. If you have the flexibility to re-locate and travel as needed and are interested in a sales opportunity, please send your resume directly to Hawthorn Senior Living at: hawthorn.hiring@hawthornret.com.

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