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Celebrating Mother’s Day in Senior Living

May 26, 2022|Senior Living

Senior female hugging her senior mother

A Heartfelt Mother’s Day Celebration: Honoring Moms in Senior Living Communities

There’s no one like Mom, and Mother’s Day is the perfect time to take a moment and applaud all the women who have dedicated their lives to enriching ours. On Mother’s Day – even every day – the special women in our lives deserve to feel appreciated, loved and valued. However, if that special woman in your life is a resident at a senior living community, the celebrations may feel different from the old times. While there are a multitude of Mother’s Day gift ideas for senior loved ones, one of the best gifts is spending the day together, making memories and enjoying each other’s precious company.

At Hawthorn Senior Living, you can rest assured that nurturing relationships and interactions is a way of life. For every holiday, including Mother’s Day, our communities plan a celebration that nurtures the whole person – mind, body and spirit. Families and friends are encouraged to attend and partake in the fun activities. This year was no different – see how Hawthorn communities celebrated mothers, grandmothers, aunts and other lovely ladies this Mother’s Day.

This year, Hawthorn residents offered words of wisdom that they’ve given as a mom or have heard from their own mothers. These were collected for an activity called “Like Mother Always Said.”

Mother’s Day Tea at The Oaks in Georgetown, Texas

Every year, residents at The Oaks invite their families and friends for the annual Mother’s Day Tea Party. A classical pianist quietly tickles the keys while finger tea sandwiches and sweet treats are enjoyed. The tables are decorated colorfully and covered with lacy hand-crafted doilies, along with the finest china and petite silver and gold cutlery.

Like Mother Always Said from the residents at The Oaks

What’s the magic word? Please and thank you.

You have to do it by yourself – for yourself – nobody else can!

Clean your plate, there are starving children in Europe!

Take your shoes off before you come into the house – I’ve just mopped the floor.

Pretty is as pretty does.

It’s better to be safe than sorry!

As I left on a date, my mother would always say: Act as nice as you look!

This is not a restaurant. Take it or leave it.

Nothing good happens after midnight.

Smiling female residents eating in the dining room

Garden Party at Mountain View Gardens in Sierra Vista, Arizona

Co-hosted with Casa de la Paz Home Hospice, Mountain View Gardens hosted a Garden Tea Party for Mother’s Day, complete with vintage tea sets, handmade flower centerpieces, gifts for each lady and prizes to give away. Residents also crafted umbrella flower door hangers and flower papier-mâché hats. The culinary team at the community prepared cucumber sandwiches, teacakes, lemon custard scones and southern-style pimento-cheese dip with butter crackers.

Like Mother Always Said from the residents at Mountain View Gardens

Wash behind your ears!

Don’t forget to brush your teeth.

Don’t act your age, and don’t take your health for granted.

What goes around comes around.

If you can’t give it your best, don’t do it at all.

Always make your bed in the morning, or else you will be tired for the rest of the day.

Straighten up and fly right.

Change your underwear.

Be good and always good.

Female senior resident drinking tea

Celebrating Moms at Hawthorn Senior Living

Finding the best care for Mom is another great way to let her know that she’s important. When the time comes, help her find a senior living community where she can live the retirement life she deserves and where she will have opportunities to participate in meaningful activities and develop new friendships.

At Hawthorn Senior Living, every resident is a part of our family, and we’re honored to have the chance to earn the right every day to be considered a part of theirs. If your mom is considering senior living, contact us to learn more about how we might be a great fit.

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