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15 Movie Night Recommendations Seniors Will Love

Jun 30, 2021|Senior Lifestyles

Seniors watching movie with grandchildren

Movie Night Recommendations Seniors Will Love: Classics and Hidden Gems

In the mood for a good movie? Summertime is when big blockbuster movies are typically released but this year, try having a movie night at home instead. Gather your closest friends, family or the entire community and create a movie night experience all your own. This is an excellent time to pop some popcorn, make some iced tea and curl up under a lightweight blanket. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy these 15 at-home movie recommendations for your viewing pleasure.


1942 Drama, Rated PG

Casablanca movie

A classic through and through, this movie tops most must-see lists and is a great option for summer movie night. This complicated love story set during World War II in Casablanca, Africa stars Humphrey Bogart as Rick Blaine the nightclub owner and his old flame Ilsa played by Ingrid Bergman. Drama ensues as Ilsa asks Rick for help to get out of the country. The film has a 95% Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes and only improves with age.

The Magnificent Seven 

1960 Western, Unrated 

The Magnificent Seven movie

A Mexican village in the Wild West is in danger of a band of outlaws so the townspeople hire seven American gunslingers to protect them. Starring Steve McQueen and Yul Brynner in a classic good guy versus bad guys western, this film was directed by John Sturges. It was also selected for preservation in the U.S. National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being culturally, historically, and aesthetically significant. 87% Audience Score.

The Sound of Music 

1965 Musical, Rated G

The Sound of Music movie

This classic musical is great for movie-watchers of all ages, especially grandchildren. Based on the real-life story of the Von Trapp Family singers, Julie Andrews plays an Austrian governess to a family of seven children and a widowed naval captain. Their love for music and family brings them all together. 91% Audience Score.


1975 Thriller, Rated PG

Jaws movie

From the genius of Steven Spielberg, this not-so-scary film (scary for 1975, however) starring Roy Scheider and Richard Dreyfuss is about a giant man-eating shark. The town fears a loss of tourist revenue after a woman is killed by the shark, so a scientist and a ship captain offer to help, resulting in an epic battle of man versus nature. The movie became a benchmark for blockbuster thrillers and is still considered a classic today. 90% Audience Score. 

All the President’s Men 

1976 Drama, Rated PG

All the President’s Men movie

Starring Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford, the film explores the meaning of free press and what happens to unchecked power. In this dramatic film the two cub reporters unravel the Watergate scandal of 1972 with the help of a mysterious source. 92% Audience Score.

On Golden Pond 

1981 Comedy Drama, Rated PG

On Golden Pond movie

Starring Katharine Hepburn and Henry Fonda, this film explores the twilight years of marriage and the value of family. A moody, retired professor and his wife vacation every summer on the shores of Golden Pond in New England. This summer, things are different as their grown daughter (Jane Fonda) visits with her new fiancée and his son. 87% Audience Score.

Top Gun

1986 Action, Rated PG 

Top Gun movie

Featuring notable action star Tom Cruise as a hot shot Navy pilot in training, this film has memorable aerial flying footage, Naval Fighter Weapons School shenanigans and a rival top fighter pilot, Iceman (Val Kilmer). The men are also fighting for the heart of their beautiful flight instructor played by Kelly McGillis. 83% Audience Score.

Hunt for the Red October

1990 Thriller, Rated PG

Hunt for the Red October movie

Starring Sean Connery (of James Bond fame), this movie is based on Tom Clancy’s book. It follows a Soviet submarine captain played by Connery as he ignores orders and heads for the U.S. Ready for war, an American sub detects it and CIA agent Jack Ryan (Alec Baldwin) must save the day. This thriller has an Audience Score of 88%.

Grumpy Old Men 

1993 Comedy, Rated PG-13 

Grumpy Old Men movie

Starring Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau and Ann-Margret, the comedic chemistry in this movie is still revered today. The story is based around a lifelong feud between two neighbors who are childhood friends turned rivals, which gets worse when a woman moves across the street, providing a love interest for both. The film emphasizes how important it is to stay active both mentally and physically when you get older, making new friends and new memories. 74% Audience Score.

Toy Story

1995 Comedy Adventure, Rated G

Toy Story movie

This movie has a great background story because it got film buffs excited about animation again. Narrated by Tom Hanks, we follow the lives and adventures of a boy’s set of toys. A cowboy doll played by Hanks is threatened by a new Buzz Lightyear toy (Tim Allen) when the boy’s family moves to a new house. Tragedy strikes and the toys must work together to help the boy. Audience Score is 92%.

Walk the Line 

2005 History Drama, Rated PG-13 

Walk the Line movie

This award-winning film is based on the life of the music legend Johnny Cash (portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix), his rise to fame and meeting the love of his life, singer June Carter (Reese Witherspoon). Cash’s hard lifestyle threatens to keep them apart and ruin his career. 90% Audience Score.

Gran Torino 

2008 Drama, Rated R

Gran Torino movie

A cranky, retired auto worker and Korean War vet (Clint Eastwood of Dirty Harry fame) sets out to reform his neighborhood, standing up to gangbangers who try to force a local teen to steal his car. Through his prized possession, a 1972 Gran Torino, the two develop an unlikely friendship and Eastwood’s character learns some hard life lessons. Also directed by Eastwood, this film has a 90% Audience Score. 


2009 Family Comedy, Rated PG

UP movie

Yet another family-friendly film, Pixar’s visuals shine in this adventure. A 78-year-old balloon salesman (Ed Asner) is about to go on his lifelong dream adventure by attaching thousands of balloons to his house and sailing to the South American wilderness. Until he discovers a stowaway! For all ages, this movie has a 90% Audience Sore.

The War with Grandpa

2020 Comedy, Rated PG

The War with Grandpa movie

Chuckle through the entire movie as a grandfather moves in with a boy’s family, taking over his bedroom. Prank after prank, the boy plots to get his room back but Grandpa stands his ground. Starring Robert De Niro, Uma Thurman and Oakes Fegley as the boy, this movie has an 85% Audience Score.

Queen Bees 

2021 Romantic Comedy, Rated PG-13

Queen Bees movie

Just released in select theaters, on digital and on demand, this modern romantic comedy stars Ellen Burstyn and James Caan. Helen (played by Burstyn) moves into a retirement community and is welcomed by a band of mean bullies and an exclusive bridge club, but as time goes on, she develops a romance with a newcomer played by Caan. This fun takes on a rom com holds an 89% Audience Score.

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