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Focus On Fitness In 2023

Feb 01, 2021|Health & Wellness

Senior fitness

Focus on Fitness in 2023: Benefits and Ways To Improve Your Overall Health

By age 75, one in three men and one in two women do not engage in any physical activity. This lack of physical activity can lead to all sorts of conditions ranging from heart disease to a lack of sleep.

Benefits of Physical Activity In Seniors

  • Improving balance can help decrease the likelihood of a fall or fractured bones.
  • Can help reduce blood pressure.
  • Can help reduce the chances of developing heart disease, certain cancers, and diabetes.
  • Helps maintain healthy bones, joints and muscles.
  • Can help reduce swelling in those suffering from arthritis.
  • Can reduce symptoms of depression, stress and anxiety.
  • Can help maintain muscle tone and overall strength.

If you’re looking for ways to get more physical activity into your day, here are a few ideas:

  • Try yoga to help improve mobility and flexibility as well as clear your mind with its meditative properties.
  • Swimming is a great low-impact way to get in cardio and resistance training without added pressure to your joints.
  • A brisk walk can be a great way to get in some exercise and can be done solo or with a friend. Socializing during exercise can make it feel less like work and more like fun.
  • Tai Chi can help improve balance, core strength and improve focus.

Other Ways To Improve Your Overall Health

  • Quitting smoking can help decrease your risk of heart attacks, strokes and a variety of cancers and can even improve your sense of smell and taste.
  • Getting a full night’s sleep can improve overall cognitive function, reduced risk of falling and a strengthened immune system.
  • Taking steps to decrease stress levels can help protect against cardiovascular disease and decreased immune function.

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