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My Life Story: Learning the Story Behind the Person

Jan 07, 2022|Senior Living

Azalea Estates resident

Discovering the Story Behind the Person

One of the most enjoyable aspects of reaching your golden years is sharing your life story with others. At Hawthorn Senior Living, every resident has a unique story – they have lived many life chapters, all different and unique. In honor of the fascinating people who have chosen to write their next chapters at Hawthorn Senior Living, we have started a new program called “My Life Story.” 

In November, residents embarked on a new journey toward sharing their life story. During the six-week-long program, residents are given one chapter each week with inspiring prompts to spark memories, anecdotes and wisdom gained over the years — all things that make up the story of their life. At the end of the six weeks, residents will have an entire booklet filled with amazing memories and stories that can be shared with neighbors and loved ones. 

Jean, a resident at Orchard Heights in Clermont, Florida, said her experience with the My Life Story program was so much fun, and she enjoyed learning about the other residents as well as herself. “We all grew up in a different era, and a lot of us lived in rural America,” said Jean. “There are many of us who are from the farm and talked about work in the garden and cows inside homes. We were all the same – no money, hand-me-down clothes and taking care of other children.” 

“My experience brought me many laughs because I was a very mischievous child.” – Jean, Orchard Heights 

Jean also said that after going through the program, other residents will stop and ask her if she has any more childhood stories to share. 

One resident at Sterling Heights in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania said the My Life Story program helped him uncover the answer to a question he’s had his whole life. 

“I have always pondered the existence of life and my purpose for being here. I feel that participating in the My Life Story program at Sterling Heights has given me a better handle on things. I now see that serving in the Air Force, working, and raising my family is my purpose and contribution in life. I leave my accomplishments to my family for them to carry out their purpose and make their contribution to the world.” 

– Sterling Heights resident 


Sharing stories with team members and fellow residents not only helps seniors to recount memories and be part of a community, but it can provide better avenues for care and more rewarding living as well. 

Sharing life stories can provide insight to residents’ life experiences, likes and dislikes, hobbies and things that make them who they are. This, in turn, allows our team members to develop more meaningful relationships with residents. Through this new program, our communities can plan more personalized activities and care for our residents. Even more so, we can uncover innovative ways to improve memory and preservation as well. 

Hawthorn Senior Living understands the value of storytelling and sharing your life story. Our communities allow seniors to connect and share their stories and personal experiences. And as your extraordinary journey continues, remember to keep adding new memories to your story. Contact us and start your next chapter at a Hawthorn Senior Living community today!

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