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Senior Living in
Allen, TX

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The Place for Active, Independent Senior Living?
Alexis Estates in Allen, Texas.

Independent seniors wishing to continue their active retirement lifestyle would do well to visit Alexis Estates in Allen, Texas. This community offers a variety of pet-friendly living options, and ample opportunity to participate in the arts, learn new skills, and take part in intellectual and cultural pursuits. Some of these include creative writing classes, book and garden clubs, discussion groups, creative arts projects, cooking demonstrations and more. This is independent living in a safe, caring environment with friends and skilled professionals nearby to help if needed. Our management team lives on-site and participates in daily community life. You’ll see them at mealtime, joining in community activities, and taking time to get to know each resident personally. They’re here day and night to offer aid and assistance, so you can simply relax and enjoy yourself. More advanced senior care is available as well.

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What’s Your Taste Today?

Remember having to plan and prepare meals? Dining at Alexis Estates lets you leave that all behind. Just relax and enjoy three unique chef-prepared meals served restaurant-style each day. Need a little something in-between? Our fruit bar, coffee and snack bar, ice cream and desserts are available round the clock. Do you have a favorite recipe you’d like to see on the menu? Our culinary team holds regular meetings for residents to provide feedback and share recipes. You can even interact with our chefs who pour coffee at each table every afternoon. At Alexis Estates, we make extraordinary dining part of your everyday experience.

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A Glimpse of Life
at Alexis Estates Gracious Retirement Living

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Alexis Estates Gracious Retirement Living Resident Testimonials

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Alice Elliot

“As I entered Alexis Estates for the first time I was impressed with the elegance and friendly demeanor of all the staff and people here. My apartment meets my needs, the food is very good, and the laundry is close and very efficient. The activities are great, and there is a family attitude among the staff and residents here. I am very happy!”

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Dorothy Sanders

“When my husband died after 62 years of marriage, I experienced what many of the residents of Alexis Estates have experienced –a dramatic change in how I lived my life. My children were concerned about my being alone in a big house and over an hour away. I was fiercely independent, but even I knew they were right. We immediately started looking for a place I could live that was closer to them and where they knew I was safe. Today, I consider myself a very blessed woman because I’m here. Yes, I’m safe but I also have my own apartment to be safe in, and I’m never going to have to cook another meal again.”

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680 N Watters Road
Allen, TX 75013

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