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Life Enrichment at Hawthorn Senior Living

Jan 25, 2022|Health & Wellness

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Discovering the Possibilities: Life Enrichment Programs and Activities at Hawthorn Senior Living

Living an active and engaged lifestyle is important at any age. The good news is that seniors today have a plethora of opportunities to enjoy a more fulfilling lifestyle. Did you know that senior living communities provide a variety of life enrichment activities to explore? Not only do they help you find more purpose in each day, but life enrichment activities also improve quality of life. Many seniors say that participating in life enrichment activities is one of the primary reasons they decided to move to a senior living community. While these programs and activities might seem like a luxury, they really are a necessity.

What Life Enrichment Looks Like at Hawthorn

At Hawthorn Senior Living, you get to enjoy life and live well. Every day offers a variety of activities and events to choose from that promote physical fitness, lifelong learning, social connection and overall wellness.

Staying Active

An active lifestyle and staying physically fit is essential to healthy aging. Remaining active can help seniors manage chronic medical conditions; maintain healthy bones, muscles and joints; and prolong independence.

All Hawthorn communities are equipped with a fitness center, complete with daily exercise programs, like yoga, chair volleyball, cardio, weight training and more. All fitness classes are led by an experienced fitness instructor and focus on enhancing balance and coordination, improving strength, and promoting an independent lifestyle while catering to each resident’s needs.

We also promote unique ways to stay active through group activities, including bean bag baseball, Wii bowling and chair drumming.

Fostering Connections

Participating in social opportunities and feeling connected to others can reduce stress and anxiety, lower the risk of depression and lead to a longer life. Social connection can also provide a sense of belonging, which contributes to self-esteem.

One of the greatest benefits of living at a Hawthorn community is the opportunity to interact with and enjoy others. Our communities offer a wide variety of recreational activities that encourage residents to socialize and connect with one another. Whether playing a spirited game of cards, attending the weekly book club, listening to live entertainment or trying a new restaurant for lunch, the goal is to develop friendships and enjoy an active lifestyle.

Stimulate Your Mind

Performing activities that stimulate the mind can help preserve and even improve cognitive function in older adults. That is why it is important for senior living communities to offer programs that stimulate the mind. These programs can provide new opportunities for residents to create their own experiences, explore different hobbies and rediscover old interests.

Every Hawthorn community features a monthly calendar of events and activities that offers a bright spectrum of opportunities designed to inspire curiosity, encourage participation and infuse joy into every day. From testing your knowledge at trivia night to making jewelry with friends, stimulating your mind with brain games or attending a cooking class led by the community chef, there’s something for everyone.  

Intellectual and cultural activities like art projects, writing classes and discussion groups offer stimulating socialization and help you get in touch with your creative side. And, for the days where you simply want to bask in your own company, there are plenty of spaces for you to indulge in a bestseller, take a stroll around campus or lose yourself in a new hobby.

Discover a Purposeful Lifestyle at a Hawthorn Community

Every experience you have at Hawthorn Senior Living is designed to fuel a greater sense of purpose, camaraderie and meaning in each and every day. Are you interested in spending your retirement enjoying your passions and hobbies? The life enrichment activities at Hawthorn communities can help you make the most out of each day. Contact us today to see how we can help you live life purposefully. Don’t forget to find a Hawthorn community near you to get an inside look at the life enrichment activities that we have to offer.

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