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Hawthorn’s Advantage to Independent Living: Live-In Managers

Revolutionizing Independent Living: The Hawthorn Advantage of Live-In Managers

As older adults enter retirement, they may begin to hear more about independent senior living. Maybe they see more ads or hear about friends who have made the move, but some are left wondering, “What is independent living, anyway?” With a little research, they discover that independent living is, above all else, an opportunity to live the way they want.

Hawthorn Senior Living’s Unique Approach to Independent Living

At Hawthorn Senior Living, older adults can enjoy a vibrant lifestyle alongside personalized amenities and services that encourage multidimensional wellness. Our independent living communities offer seniors the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of living in a family environment while maintaining independence and security.

What makes independent living at Hawthorn stand out from other communities is our live-in manager program. Through this unique, hands-on approach to independent living, our live-in managers are able to support and service residents when needed. At select Hawthorn communities, managers live on-site and are available throughout the day. They eat the same meals, enjoy the same amenities and experience the same gracious retirement living experience as the residents. They treat residents like family because they live in the community alongside them.

It’s More Than a Job

Live-in managers are an integral part of many Hawthorn Senior Living communities. Below, Ethan and Rachel Weber share how it feels to serve seniors while living among them as friends and neighbors. With a passion for service, they describe what it’s like working with seniors together to give back and change lives. Our managers find they grow as a couple and create lasting friendships while providing a gracious retirement experience to our residents.

Ethan and Rachel Weber, Live-In Managers at Glenmoore Gracious Retirement Living in Happy Valley, Oregon   We’re all called to view this as more than a job. We’re family. And these are our grandparents and aunts and uncles. And it sounds silly, but if you do work and live with the Hawthorn heart at the center, you really can’t go wrong. Every day is different. I get to work with my spouse. And we have – I don’t know – deepened our bond together as a couple? I think that’s just the surprising thing about this, is how much it becomes a part of you. This is our home. This is where we live. I like the comfort and the safety, and security and peace of the building. To be able to walk around at night, to be with the residents and to live with the residents. I do like that. I think the biggest surprise for me is how much these folks mean to you. You see them every single day. But all of a sudden, you realize they’re important to you. One of the ways that we feel like we have made it special for residents is learning people’s stories. We had a lady that moved in here that had high anxiety. She didn’t even want to come to breakfast at first. So, on her to-go box, I wrote a little note, and I started to write it in rhymes. Well, her daughter let me know that her dad used to write notes to her like that. And when she came down that day, she started to get teary-eyed and said that it made all the difference for her moving in here. These people who have been through a lot, several of them have come to us and said, “We’re here because you’re here.” 

Senior Living Reimagined

At Hawthorn Senior Living, we know how to support seniors, and our caring concern for our residents is the foundation that leads to outstanding resident services. Developing senior living options is not only about construction and design but about bringing people together and establishing a real sense of community, connection and friendship. That’s why we started our live-in manager program.

Discover our gracious retirement lifestyle and the personalized levels of care our communities offer. With locations across the continental United States, we offer the utmost in senior living by combining the care and convenience seniors need to live as independently as they please. Visit to explore options near you!