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Senior Living Services & Amenities You Can’t Get at Home

Oct 01, 2022|Independent Living

seniors being served coffee at breakfast

Living Your Best Life: Senior Living Services and Amenities That Make All the Difference

When you think about your ideal retirement, what comes to mind? Do you imagine yourself traveling, meeting new people, volunteering for a local organization or simply spending more time pursuing a favorite hobby? A senior living community can be the perfect addition to your retirement plans, because it offers amenities and services that make meeting your health and wellness goals even easier.

An independent senior living community blends the freedom of living at home with the active, vibrant lifestyle that only community life can offer. When older adults begin their search for a senior living community, they often first look at location, the level of care offered and whether the community fits within their budget. These are all important factors, but we also encourage you to think about the lifestyle you want to live.

The services and amenities offered at a senior living community play a critical role in your happiness and can enhance your overall retirement experience. These offerings are meant to enrich lives, encourage connections and promote independence.  

At Hawthorn Senior Living communities, every day offers a variety of activities and events to choose from that promote physical activity, lifelong learning, social connection and overall wellness without compromising independence.

Check out the services and amenities that only life at a senior living community can offer, and you may find yourself considering the move.

Pursue New Passions and Old Hobbies

Retirement is an exciting opportunity to pursue an old hobby full-time or finally learn a new skill you’ve never had the time to investigate. Senior living communities include spaces where artistic expression, craftsmanship and other creative passions can thrive. On-site art studios and classes, workshops and theaters not only allow residents to pursue their own creativity but help to connect them to other like-minded individuals.

Hawthorn promotes an engaging lifestyle by offering residents opportunities to enjoy and participate in the arts, learn new skills and discuss current issues, as well as opportunities to travel to locations throughout the United States. Residents engage in a variety of intellectual and cultural activities that include creative writing classes, book and garden clubs, discussion groups, creative art projects, cooking demonstrations and much more.

At regularly planned group outings, residents can visit museums and galleries or attend concerts and theater performances. We encourage our residents to take advantage of many opportunities to continue to learn and grow.

Stay Physically Fit

Physical exercise and staying active are essential to a healthy senior lifestyle, and the best independent living communities offer plenty of opportunities to stay physically fit. Fitness centers, swimming pools, group exercise classes and personal trainers are all great amenities for seniors to take advantage of to enhance their physical health. Some communities also include walking trails and bocce and pickleball courts for those who enjoy exercising outdoors.

A Complete Culinary Experience

A major component of successful aging is ensuring you get the proper amount of nutrients and healthy foods into your diet. But meal preparation is time-consuming and potentially expensive. Even if you enjoy cooking, you may not have the time or energy to shop for and prepare nutritious meals every day.

In a senior living community, you’ll have access to quality nutritious meals so you don’t have worry about cooking or cleaning up. You can enjoy homemade meals in a social setting just a few feet from your door. You’ll no longer have to drive to eat out or stress about your next meal. You’ll get the benefits of eating out at every meal, but without the hassle. And if you enjoy baking or creating a special dish, a community kitchen is available for your use.

Dining at Hawthorn is more than just eating three meals a day. It’s a full culinary experience with delicious, freshly made food and engaging company. Our culinary experience features healthy foods and homemade meals, all catered to your needs and desires.

Three unique chef-prepared meals are served daily restaurant-style, so you never have worry about cooking or cleaning – unless you want to! Our menu offers a variety of nutritional choices at every meal, and snacks and beverages are available 24/7.

Worry-Free Living

Are you getting tired of constantly cleaning your home? Does the thought of keeping up with landscaping and mowing cause you stress? Do you see the damage on your roof and wonder when it will have to be replaced? Are you discouraged by the constant demands of home maintenance that inevitably come with owning a home?

Life at a senior living community alleviates these stressors. Forget about the roof, the lawn and the housework – at a senior living community, the team members take care of upkeep for you. If something needs repair, all it takes is a quick phone call to a helpful team member.

Most communities, including Hawthorn, offer weekly housekeeping and linen services. So you get to enjoy the comforts of home and beautiful landscaping without any of the work, expense or risk to your health. And with less time spent on maintenance, you can take advantage of all the community has to offer.

Safety and Security

Living at home alone sounds great, but what happens when you accidentally fall or your health takes an unexpected turn? Living alone can turn a minor incident into a serious situation. When you live at a senior living community, you are living in a beautiful new home filled with wonderful people. You will have a network of staff, friends and neighbors interested in your well-being who are generally available just when you need them.

Senior living communities also include safety and security across the campus, giving you peace of mind that someone is always looking out for you, your neighbors and your home.

Questions To Ask About Services and Amenities

While shopping for senior living, it’s important to schedule tours of the communities on your short list. That way you can experience the culture of the community, meet residents and see what it really has to offer. We’ve put together a list of questions about services and amenities to ask team members while on tour.

What unique services and amenities do you offer that make you stand out from other communities?

What amenities and activities are most popular with residents?

What’s the dining experience like? Do you cater to residents with dietary restrictions? How often does the menu change?

What social opportunities does your community offer? Do you have an activities calendar I can see?

What educational opportunities does your community offer?

What recreational and wellness activities does your community offer?

What is there to do nearby the community?

Do you offer transportation services? How frequently is it offered?

Do you allow pets? Do you charge pet fees?

Live Your Best Life at Hawthorn

Hawthorn communities offer all the things you need to thrive – right in the place you call home. Our communities feature an active, engaging lifestyle, with a full complement of amenities and services so you can enjoy your retirement to the fullest and spend more time with family and friends.

See for yourself what we have to offer and schedule a tour today at a Hawthorn community near you!

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