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What Are the Advantages of Living in a Senior Community?

Sep 01, 2022|Independent Living

elderly men gardening

Aging in Community: Exploring the Advantages of Living in a Senior Living Community

Few concepts resonate with seniors as much as the word “independence.” Before retirement, many yearn for independence from the 9-to-5 workday, but then find independence is much more than not working. What are the benefits of moving to an independent senior living community? From expanding your social circle and enjoying chef-prepared meals to saying goodbye to home maintenance and living your days the way you want, the name “independent” says it all.

What are the pros and cons of senior living communities? Research consistently shows that seniors who move into independent senior living are happier, have an increased sense of well-being and may even live longer. At Hawthorn Senior Living, older adults can enjoy an engaging lifestyle that includes personalized amenities and five-star services that encourage multidimensional wellness. Independent living at Hawthorn brings a new perspective to senior living, and it’s where active seniors searching for an all-inclusive, stress-free lifestyle can thrive. Hawthorn also provides benefits that offer a fulfilling retirement with opportunities to enjoy hobbies, pursue new passions and embrace a healthy lifestyle, as well as a place to call home.

For many adults 55 and older, making the transition from home ownership to independent living is often the first conversation. As you start your journey, you may be asking yourself these questions: Why is independent living important for seniors? Why should I consider independent living? What are the benefits of independent living facilities for seniors? Let’s dive deeper into how you can benefit from independent senior living.

Independent Living Can Be a Cure for Loneliness

Nearly one third of seniors live by themselves, and most find it difficult to stay socially active. Making plans, ensuring you have a way to get to events and finding new things to do can be difficult as we age. Staying connected is crucial to a healthy life, and senior isolation poses a very real threat to older adults. Research has shown that loneliness and social isolation put older adults at heightened risk for serious health problems, including depression and cognitive decline.

What are the advantages of living retirement communities? Independent living at a senior living community like Alexis Estates offers the opportunity to be social without the difficulty of arranging transportation or making plans. Alexis Estates – and all Hawthorn independent senior living communities – offers a wide variety of recreational activities that encourage residents to socialize and connect with one another. Whether playing a spirited game of cards, listening to live entertainment or trying a new restaurant for lunch, the goal is to develop friendships, enjoy an active lifestyle and live each day with purpose.

Goodbye to Home Maintenance and Hello to Peace of Mind

Maintaining a household is hard work, and after decades of scrubbing floors, clearing gutters and doing laundry, you’re probably ready to get help with it all. Independent living communities trade the worries of homeownership like basic utilities, maintenance and landscaping for the comforts of home.

When you move into a Hawthorn community like Maple Ridge, the on-site staff handles everything from linen services to groundskeeping and housekeeping, allowing residents to spend their time pursuing their passions. No need to search for a handyman and possibly spend hundreds of dollars for a simple repair – we’ve got it covered.

The Lifestyle Includes a Complete Culinary Experience

A homemade gourmet meal is a treat at any age. However, it becomes even more delicious when you don’t have to prepare it or clean it up. Many independent living communities provide on-site, restaurant-style dining that offers fresh, nutritious options that cater to residents’ unique dietary needs.

Dining at Hawthorn is more than just eating three meals a day. It’s a full culinary experience with delicious, freshly made food and engaging company. At Sanford Estates, the culinary experience features healthy foods and homemade meals, all catered to you. Three unique chef-prepared meals are served daily restaurant-style, so you never have to worry about cooking or cleaning – unless you want to! Our menu offers options and a variety of nutritional choices at every meal, and snacks and beverages are available 24/7.

Seniors Can Pursue New and Old Passions

Independent living communities are experts on the health and wellness needs of older adults. From activities coordinators to fitness instructors, a network of professionals is there to offer vibrant lifestyle options. Those choices allow you to try new things alongside old favorites.

If you’re interested in trying out yoga, starting a book club or maybe getting your hands dirty by planting a new garden, independent living at Hawthorn has what you are looking for and what you didn’t even know you needed. Our calendar of events changes monthly and offers a bright spectrum of opportunities designed to inspire curiosity, encourage participation and infuse joy into every day. Whatever you are looking for, there are activities, outings, on-site fitness classes, educational seminars and social clubs that cater to all.

Do you love to travel? Part of successful aging is engaging in new life experiences – and traveling is a great way to indulge in new experiences, meet new people and find a new sense of self. As a Hawthorn resident, if you want to explore new places, our Resident Travel Program gives you this opportunity. With over 70 Hawthorn senior living communities across the US, you can travel to any Hawthorn community and indulge in their culture – all at no additional cost.

Pursue Your Independence at a Hawthorn Community

If you’re an active senior who wants to elevate your lifestyle and make the most of each day, our independent living option near you offers a warm and engaging environment that caters to your needs and preferences. You can be who you want to be and live how you want to live; we take care of the rest. If you think you may be ready to explore independent living, reach out to learn more or find a Hawthorn community near you.

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