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Hawthorn Virtual Travel Experience

Feb 24, 2022|Senior Living

Woman on cruise

Explore from the comfort of Your Hawthorn Senior Living Community

As temperatures drop and colder weather settles in for the winter, it can be easy to slip into a state of boredom. For seniors, it’s important to keep the winter blues at bay with an array of enjoyable events and activities. Staying engaged and socially connected is a critical component of maintaining positive health and well-being in the later years of life.

Finding ways for seniors to stay socially active is proven to improve quality of life, decrease depression and loneliness, boost mood, help prevent or slow Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of age-related cognitive decline, and otherwise contribute to better health and increased happiness.

During the winter, staying active in mind and body can be challenging. At Hawthorn Senior Living, we support our residents in a variety of ways to help combat the negative effects that arise during colder months. One way is through our Hawthorn Adventures Program. Hawthorn Adventures takes residents on new quests to experience the sights, sounds, tastes and culture of interesting places around the world through virtual vacations. Our virtual tours of the world have allowed our residents to try out new dance moves from different cultures and read and share the literary works from around the world all from the comfort of home.

Many of our residents have done extensive traveling in their lives and have been able to share their memories, expertise and photos with fellow residents. For those who have not experienced all the world has to offer, Hawthorn Adventures brings new and exotic places right into their homes. Learning and trying new things is what makes life exciting and keeps us young at heart. Our virtual travel program offers the opportunity to travel and learn new things, while enjoying the familiarity of our own surroundings.

This year, residents boarded the Hawthorn Jewel Luxury Cruise Ship and enjoyed three weeks cruising the iconic shores of the Mediterranean, virtually that is. The Hawthorn Jewel docked in Italy, Greece and Croatia, and residents experienced the food, history and culture of each destination.

All Aboard The Hawthorn Jewel

At Linwood Estates in Lawrenceville, Georgia, residents boarded The Hawthorn Jewel and experienced the Mediterranean by tossing coins into the Trevi Fountain, drank Italian sodas, attended a toga party, learned about historic art and enjoyed authentic Italian cappuccinos.

Senior couple boarded the Hawthorn Jewel

While in Greece, residents at Providence Meadows in Charlotte, North Carolina visited an Orthodox Church and enjoyed baklava.

Orthodox church table with literature

Residents at Liberty Heights in Rockwall, Texas learned fun facts about Rome, Venice and Tuscany, sampled different pastas, studied the Italian language, traveled to Mount Vesuvius, learned the benefits of olive oil and sampled Italian coffee.

Seniors learning fun facts about Rome, Venice and Tuscany

The ability to travel the world virtually is a wonderful perk of living in today’s society. Doing it in a vibrant and engaging community with interesting people like you makes new life experiences all the sweeter. At Hawthorn, we’re committed to keeping residents active, engaged and connected with a variety of activities. Contact us to learn more!

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