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The Dining Experience at Hawthorn Senior Living

Feb 22, 2022|Senior Living

Plate of food - steak, shrimp, potato and asparagus

Delightful Dining: Enhancing the Senior Living Experience at Hawthorn

From weddings and birthdays to holidays and anniversaries, enjoying a meal with friends and family is always a centerpiece of a great celebration. Among families, having meals together is also a great way to connect after a long day and share the ups and downs with those you love.

Of course, as we get older, this ability to stay connected and enjoy our favorite meals can become more difficult as grocery shopping, cooking and going out to meet friends and loved ones becomes more difficult. Not only can this impact emotional well-being but failing to have three nutritious meals a day can also have a negative effect on nutritional wellness over time.

Though there are many important parts of a community that make it a great option for seniors, the quality and structure of a senior living community’s dining program is likely one of the most important contributors to a great overall experience.

At Hawthorn Senior Living, residents are provided an upscale dining experience characterized by diverse dishes that showcase culinary creativity while catering to personal tastes and senior nutrition.

Our communities are inspired by the belief that dining is the centerpiece of personal wellness. It is one of the great joys of living, especially when enjoyed in a community. We believe the dining experience should be as meaningful as any other activity in our communities, and our approach to the dining experience, from high-quality ingredients to menu input from residents, reflects our commitment to quality.

Resident-Focused Dining

Dining at Hawthorn Senior Living is more than just eating three meals a day. It’s a full culinary experience with delicious, freshly made food and engaging company. Our culinary teams go to great lengths to offer exceptional dining options that will please the palates of all residents ranging from classic offerings and comfort food to fine dining and international fare.

Our residents have various nutritional needs when it comes to their diets. Our chefs create monthly meal plans that are balanced and reflect residents’ preferences, nutrition, food textures, allergies and physician-ordered diets. All meals are planned to meet the specific nutritional needs of residents.

Salmon on aspargus on dinner plate

Chefs Who Care

Like all great chefs, ours enjoy talking to the residents to build relationships and gather feedback to ensure they aren’t missing the mark. And for the residents who can’t stop thinking about a certain dish – maybe a family recipe or something they tried while on vacation – the chefs will make it. The culinary team holds regular meetings for residents to provide feedback and share recipes, so those beloved dishes can be savored once again.

Hawthorn chefs are passionate about sharing their knowledge and love of food. It’s why at most of our communities, the culinary teams regularly host cooking demonstrations. One day it might be tiramisu and the next, a lesson on pastries.

Fostering Connections

Hawthorn knows that life happens around the table – new memories, new friends and new experiences. Social connection is a priority in Hawthorn communities, so we encourage mealtime to be an opportunity to socialize with neighbors and friends. You can even interact with our chefs who pour coffee at every table every afternoon. Sharing a meal with others is one of life’s greatest pleasures. In one survey, 85% of seniors say that social dining is more enjoyable and satisfying – and that the companionship is just as important as the quality of the food.

Two females eating together at a table

Since residents don’t have to worry about trips to the grocery store, meal prep and cleanup, they are free to spend time exactly how they want. Residents can even share the Hawthorn dining experience with friends and family from outside of the community, especially on special occasions around holidays or other milestones. Our chefs enjoy hosting special events with menus tailored to seasonal celebrations, such as theme nights, special luncheons or holiday events.

Experience Dining at Hawthorn

At Hawthorn Senior Living, our team of experts knows exactly what it takes to design a diet that offers great nutrition without compromising taste. Restaurant-style dining in our communities means more delicious options and many meals enjoyed with great new friends.

See for yourself and find a community near you today! Join us for a complimentary meal crafted by a Hawthorn chef and tour one of our communities. If one thing is for sure, our chefs will have you craving more!

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