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10 Low-Tech Things Grandparents and Grandchildren Can Do Together

May 19, 2021|Senior Lifestyles

Low-tech things grandparents and grandchildren can do together

While Grandparent’s Day does not hit our calendars until September, we are celebrating grandparents a little earlier now that more facilities are allowing visitors. Figuring out things to do with your grandchildren can be hard if you have not seen them in a while, they have grown into new hobbies or they seemingly get bored easily. 

Here are 10 things you can do with your grandkids this spring:

1. Play Cards

Card games are fun, low-tech ways to play with your grandkids at any age. There’s UNO, Go Fish and even Poker and Pinochle for the more mature kids. 

2. Genealogy

Admittedly, this is for an older grandchild but logging into a platform together, discovering your history and looking at photos of ancestors really puts the new generation into perspective. 

3. Exercise

Going on a walk together is virtually for all ages. This is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, catch some vitamin D and catch up with conversation.

4. Read a Book

Picture books are good for the younger ones and chapter books are great for the older kids. Listening to an audio book is also a good way to entertain everyone for a few hours.

5. Color Together

Kids and adults alike enjoy coloring, especially with adult coloring books readily available today. Little kids can use washable crayons while the big kids can use fine-tip markers. 

Pro tip: This is also a great way to stay occupied while listening to an audiobook!

6. Make a Snack

Build an afternoon around making and eating a special snack together,  such as pizza, sub sandwiches, or s’mores. 

7. Watch a Movie

The little kids can share their favorite movie and the big kids (and grandparents) can share theirs. 

Pro tip: This is a great time to eat the special snack you made together!

8. Write Letters

Go analog and write letters to close family and friends together. You can have the kids practice penmanship and get creative with stickers.

9. Plant a Garden

This can work for those with space outside or container gardens. Getting the kids involved in a small herb or vegetable garden can teach them more about where their food comes from and how the growing process works.

10. Facetime a Loved One

Call a distant aunt, brother, or cousins for a fun video chat together. Your loved ones will enjoy hearing from you all at the same time.

Fast changes in technology and cultural differences can drive a wedge between grandparents and grandchildren but if you continue to create new memories together in-person, the divide gets smaller. We wish all grandparents a happy and healthy spring while hanging out with their grandchildren again!

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