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Video Chat Made Easy: 3 Simple Devices to Connect With Loved Ones

Apr 21, 2021|Tips & Tricks

What’s even better than a phone call? Video chat is one of the best ways to stay in touch with your loved ones when you can’t see them in person. While vaccines for COVID-19 are rolling out, it’s still possible you won’t be able to see everyone in person as often as you used to or would like to.

There are a number of computers, tablets and phones on the market that will help you download and use video chat apps like Skype, Zoom and FaceTime but what you really need is an easy to use device with a built-in app. Here are three great options with the video chat capabilities already built in.

1. Google Nest Hub and Duo

The Google Nest Hub is a simple device with excellent user interface and great technical support. You can make and receive calls with other Google Duo users, even if they don’t have a Nest Hub, because Duo works on both Apple and Android products.

2. Facebook Portal

If you love Facebook, this video chat device uses either Messenger or WhatsApp to make the calls — which is already built into the Facebook Portal. This device also works with your friends and family that don’t have a Portal, they only need to get Messenger or WhatsApp to be able to talk to you.

3. Amazon Echo Show

Anyone who has the Alexa app or Echo device with a screen will be able to video chat with you on the Echo Show. It’s very similar to the other devices above but Amazon made extra precautions to protect your privacy, enabling an option to disconnect the microphone and camera with one button.

Now you can easily video chat with your loved ones on devices designed with accessibility in mind. Extra bonus if you’re tech-savvy: All these devices offer photo storage options so you can display photo slideshows of your friends and family all day long! It’s social distancing done right.

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