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Smart Technology Boosts Seniors’ Independence and Morale

Apr 13, 2021|Senior Lifestyles

Senior using smart technology

Before moving into a senior living community, it’s important to set up your loved one with the tools they need to succeed and thrive in their new home. Seniors and their families utilize smart technology to enable an independent lifestyle and improve morale. Technology can be daunting for all of us but there are three main things that your loved one should have in their new home:

  1. Cell Phone – Every senior needs a phone in order to connect with their family, friends, make important calls and to use in an emergency. While landlines are still available and important, cell phones offer a number of other options like video chat, a camera and apps for reading.
  2. Tablet or Laptop – A device that’s lightweight and easy to use such as an Amazon Fire tablet or Apple MacBook Air laptop will be important to do banking, check out books from the library or video chat with loved ones.
  3. Voice Activated Speaker – Whether you go with Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Nest, you can program reminders to take medications, call a ride, help cook a recipe, make a shopping list or even dial 911 in emergencies.

Once set up and programmed, thanks to these devices, your senior will be at ease during this important transition in life. Knowing your loved one has the technology they need to feel confident and independent is just as important as you knowing they’re safe.

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